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eCampus is now using Single Sign-On. To access eCampus, you will need to log in with your Online Services Sign-In credentials.

Students: this will be Your DCCCD account (for example and your non-expiring password.

Faculty: this will be your 3x4 account (for example, and your non-expiring password.

If you receive an error when you attempt to log in to eCampus:

Faculty: Contact your division to verify that your course is on eCampus and that you are listed as instructor in Colleague.

Students: Contact your registrar to verify that your course is an eCampus course and that you are registered.

Access Courses

If you have enrolled in a course and do not see it when you log in to eCampus, please check back on the start date of the class. If you still don't see your course after the start date of your class, contact your instructor.

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Student Technical Assistance

If you require technical assistance, you may access our customer service center via phone or Web:

Web: Technical Support

Phone: 1-866-374-7169

eCampus Student Tutorials

Financial Aid Assistance

If you need financial aid assistance:
call 972-587-2599
fax 214-378-1870

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